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About me

Martyna Ksiezniakiewicz

Business Coach | Author of Books

Business and Development Expert

  • Author of Books
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Ambassador of the "Serce Świata" Foundation
  • Experienced in working with clients locally and abroad, leading projects in IT, Construction, Pharmaceutical industries
  • Lover of technology, innovation, travelling and "Thai" kitchen

I fight for a better tomorrow. I help people understand the patterns we live in and how to get out of them. I show new possibilities, new ways to go from a sense of hopelessness to a sense of fulfillment. I believe that a holistic approach to life is no longer a myth, but a desire of many people.

You can't afford not to escalate your business and not build your personal branding.

Martyna convinced me to enroll in the School of Sales Directors, which turned out to be the right step at the right time. Martyna is a constantly smiling, enthusiastic person. She is great at navigating practical tools to support sales and customer base management.

Highly recommended!

Kacper Wilczynski

Sales Manager, Energy Consultant

Martyna can very clearly explain things that are difficult to understand and solves problems well. She does her work with passion and willingly shares her knowledge, as a result I gained new skills that helped me build my business in a professional way.

Weronika Jedrzejczyk

BSc HR Management, Enterpreneur

The knowledge I received from Martyna at the Salesman Academy has helped me develop my sales skills and understand why things didn't work out in certain aspects as I expected. Since I started working with Martyna, I've been more successful in the business, which makes me look forward to what's next.

Sylwia Hińcz

Office Manager at HouseBook3D

Just a quarter of an hour in a conversation with Martyna and my blinkers are removed ;) Competent, factual and very substantive person. I highly recommend working with Martyna both in team and individual work.

Karolina Karbowska

Regional Sales Director at Wipasz S.A.

Martyna is the ideal person to help you strategically plan your career in the online world. Her knowledge of the tools and services available on the market only confirms her experience and professionalism. Her book "Personal branding and public speaking" is an essential read for those starting out in the adventure of building an image online. I personally thank her for her help and highly recommend everyone to work with her.

Marek Majewski

Sales Manager at RSC Auto ID Distribution

Martyna has a wealth of knowledge and with ease, curiosity , and above all effectively knows how to pass it on. Great advice and tips that she teaches aids in success at work and even in personal life. It shows that it is worth looking at different challenges and learn from them, and in the long run, turn them into success. Thank you for your reliable knowledge and a very pleasant cooperation.

Wioletta Obrebska

Finance Consultant

Martyna combines knowledge and professionalism given without wrapping it up. She is a mentor who cares about making your business grow! So if you are not serious about your business then don't learn from Martyna. If, like her, you are not fighting for a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones - don't start working with her! Because Martyna is a person who, if you want, will guide you step by step through the intricate paths of the business world. She will give specific tips, hints and tools so that you get/get the results that satisfy you. And all this with a cheerful and smiling face that makes you want more. I highly recommend!

Maria Siudzinska

Network Marketing Business Partner, E-commerce Sales Manager, Motivation Speaker



There is no place in business for old habits alone. The world is changing every day and so are people's needs. Everyone wants to achieve spectacular results as quickly as possible, but understanding what opportunities exist today is an integral key to growth.


There can be no business escalation without continuous development. And you and I learn every day and that's what makes us invincible. There is nothing better than watching another person grow especially when you have contributed to it. Your development is a priority for me.


If you want to achieve something today, you have to fight for it. Especially women fight every day to prove something to someone. If you stop fighting for someone and proving how much you are worth, and start fighting for yourself, you will realize that everything is up for grabs.

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