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when everything else is changing in your business, old habits no longer apply. The world is changing every day and so are people's needs. Everyone wants to achieve spectacular results as quickly as possible, but understanding what opportunities exist today is an integral key to growth.


There can be no business escalation without continuous development.

So you and I learn every day and that's what makes us invincible.

There is nothing better than watching another person grow especially when you have contributed to it. Your development is a top priority for me.


If you want to achieve something today, you have to fight for it. Especially women fight everyday to prove something to someone.

If you stop fighting for something else and proving your worth, and start fighting for yourself, you will realize that you can achieve anything that you want.

Let's talk about it:

martyna ksiezniakeiwicz

With the development of technology, many companies and entrepreneurs have realized the need to use the power of the Internet to attract their customers. A massive battle for each individual by dispensing information about services and products has begun.

In 2020, the rules of the game had changed.

The information age has given way to the era of personalization.

Today, the foundation in reaching your potential customers is your

business personal brand.

Are you still wondering how to become an expert in the eyes of your customers?

Why should the customers come to you and not to your competitors?

I will introduce you to the 5 most important steps and together we will go through the process of building your businesses personal brand as well as your personal brand.

I focus on a personalized approach and the best way to bring out your hidden potential.

Co u mnie znajdziesz


Prowadzę indywidualne sesje, mające na celu stworzenie własnej strategii w budowaniu swojego personal brandingu zgodnie z najnowocześniejszymi trendami.


Prowadzę szkolenia i warsztaty z zakresu 5 kompetencji biznesowych w małych i dużych przedsiębiorstwach oraz branży marketingu sieciowego.

How can I help you?


I conduct individual sessions to create your own strategy in building your personal branding according to the latest trends.


I provide training and workshops on core business competencies (sales, leadership, personal branding) to small and large businesses and the network marketing industry.

Business Skills

Personal Brand

Personal branding is the business card of our person. Properly building your personal branding based on the most important principles allows you to reach the right potential customers.


There are many types of leadership in the world. Leadership does not just mean leading people, but acting in accordance with one's Identity.


Every successful sale comes from passion. If you don't have passion in what you do, you won't make a successful sales. It is important to understand the key principles and steps of sales.

5 Kompetencji Biznesowych

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.

Kurt Vonnegut

Who am I?

martyna księżniakiewicz


Business Coach | Author of Books

Business and Development Specialist

martyna księżniakiewicz

Impossible is nothing! She can always find a solution even from the worst situation.

She has discovered her mission in life and pursues it every day. She fights to get out of patterns and stereotypes (especially women) in business, improving business effectiveness.

Co-leader of the author's Academies: Salesman Academy, Business Trainers Academy, Sales Directors School, MLM Leaders Academy.

She has trained companies like Wipasz, CKKS, RayPath, SativaLife, Oriflame.

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